Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nature vs Humans or Human Nature?

This talk by Jeff Purdy titled After Nature; Living in the Anthropocene delves into our relationship to the culturally constructed concept of "(N)ature", primarily in the spheres of politics and law, but the mention of economics is noticeable by its absence. He talks about "food systems" but not the profit motive which drives industrial agriculture, he talks mountain top removal but not commodification or competitive markets. Meanwhile South Carolina just received 14 inches of rain in what many are calling an unprecedented deluge. Clarencetown Long Island in the Bahamas, my old bonefishing stomping ground, is "obliterated" according to some reports. How will the energy Market respond? Why, by ignoring the storm damage, that's how. Those costs are external to the price of fossil fuels. Most South Carolinians will see it as an act of God. Insurance companies will raise rates We camped this weekend on the banks of the Clark Fork river with lots of old friends, enjoying a picturesque version of Montana "Nature", while every few hours a half-mile long train loaded with coal or oil roared by. Our world is one of such disconnect and cognitive dissonance that the only real conversation was how to get some sleep amid the noise!

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