Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Feel Their Pain

The occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge by a right-wing militia invokes feelings of sympathy. These misguided revolutionaries ( their analysis,critique and theory are junk) run into some very familiar problems as they try to effect change of the status quo. Much like left-wing "occupiers", they can gather sympathizers willing to voice a little generalized dissent against the perceived power structure (Big Government), but when attempt to employ a tactic that is proportional to the threat, they suddenly find themselves isolated. In other words, even with the right-wing there is a huge disconnect between the fear people express and the actions they are willing to take to address it. They march and chant about losing their precious freedom and liberty and property rights (the basis for the sacred free market capitalism they worship) but when the masses don't rally around their revolution, they drift back to their regular jobs and routines and comfortable lives, leaving it to the few real radicals to take a stand and face the heat. Like the Left, they have a critique of the State and its un-democratic nature. For them it is "jack-booted thugs" enforcing a dangerous drift towards socialism. For the Left, the "thugs" are seen to enforce the state/ Capital power alignment. For the Right, the Constitution holds the guarantees to a well-ordered Republic and they have a deep, spiritual nostalgia for that which never was.(their History is junk as well). The Left says little about the Constitution, but generally wants to transcend the regime of limited "rights" and focus on the much more ambitious, emancipatory and enlarged concept of justice. Rather than grabbing their guns and survival gear, I wonder what might happen if they organized mass civil disobedience?

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